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Squareroof simplifies and takes away the burden of managing rental properties.


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The minimum you can afford for each land and property stock to own your share


An easy way to digitally track and manage what you own.

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Receive your rental income on your proportion.

Future Appreciation

Beyond rental income, you enjoy the upside of the property value appreciation

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers on Squareroof rental property co-ownership platform

What does Squareroof do?

Squareroof gives you access to own your share from a pool of vetted rental properties, taking away the stress associated with managing rental properties.

How does Squareroof work?

Squareroof acquires and appoints professionals to manage the properties, as well as collect and distribute rental income for the beneficiary owners.

How's it different from outright ownership?

- Enjoy same benefits of a landlord from as little as 1 SQM
- Buy to save for your own home from as little as 1 SQM 
- Diversification across multiple properties and location
- Digitally track and manage what you own easily.

Is Squareroof a regulated investment company?

We are not an investment company nor do we offer public investment services. Squareroof is exclusive to Ceedvest, a registered cooperative multipurpose society. The properties are independently managed by a trustee on behalf of beneficiaries.

What document do I get from Squareroof?

You get a digital version of your Purchase receipt, a Certificate of Beneficial Ownership, and Trust Deed

When do I get my share of rental income payment?

Rental income is paid annually, calculated from the property launch date.

Is there a minimum purchase required?

You can make a purchase as low as 0.1 SQM

What is the return on investment?

Squareroof does not guarantee fixed returns. The return is purely dependent on the rental income of the property.

What is the lock-in period?

Lock-in period is the minimum period you have to hold your share before you can sell it.

Can I transfer my ownership to someone else?

You may transfer your ownership to your next of kin

When can I sell my share of property?

You can sell your share of a property after the minimum holding period

How do I sell my share after the minimum holding period?

If you choose to sell after the holding period. Squareroof helps the owners to sell their share at end of the holding period. Your share is purchased back at the market fair value.

How do I receive my payments?

Payments from rents and sale are available in your wallet. Funds in wallet can be withdrawn to your bank account.

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